To America,

As we ALL go through these trying times, we all face INDIVIDUAL issues.   Off from work, stuck in your homes with nothing but each other to look at, how to get the supplies you need, you may need medicines…etc.  The list can go on and on. 

Remember this, there are, RIGHT NOW, thousands of our Knights of the Highway, our trucker family members and friends, braving through and MOVING product.  I would dare to wager that any one person cannot say, “I don’t know a trucker”. 

You watch the news and you see the industries affected.  The airlines, hotels, restaurants…etc.   Yes, the medical personnel on the front lines are brave and absolutely facing the enemy every day.  We pray for their well being and safety.  But, please, we CAN NOT forget our Knights out there running state to state, risking their own exposure as they roll those wheels.  They are thinking, “no home time for me”!  I won’t risk exposing my family and/or friends to anything I may encounter.  

As you see at the White House, temperatures are taken for all personnel who are just moving from one meeting room to another meeting room.  Guess what?  Our Knights are facing this very same thing.  As they hit the shipping and receiving docks, they are also having temperature checks.  How easy do you think it was for them, in the beginning, to get the “disinfectant” supplies after the major announcement.  You can’t pull that massive truck into just any shopping center, Walmart, dollar stores…etc.  They had to find anything left, on practically bare shelves, at any of the truck stops that did not close their doors to our Knights.

There are those brave souls around the country, offering coffee and hot meals to our Knights.  We are eternally grateful for their help.  Our Knights truly deserve better treatment and recognition for their contribution to this WAR. With that said, I will make one more plea…

In the future, maybe we can all remember their sacrifice, their families’ sacrifice, and any friend or loved ones’.  Maybe we can show them the respect and SPACE they deserve. 

Thank you so very much to all our hard-working KNIGHTS OF THE HIGHWAY. 

With much Love and Gratitude,

The Hazmat Lady

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